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Keunhyung Cho

Keunhyung Cho

Director (Head of Division 2)

Audit Services

Hanjin Heavy Industries & Construction, Hanjin Shipping, Korea Rating, Namhae Chemical, Inter-M, Compensation, Gabia, K & X, Ilsung New Drug, Scheduled Industry, SBI Savings Bank, Dongbu Securities, Gyeongnam Corporation, Banglim, Mona Lisa, Seohae Construction, Hanseo Industrial , Hyundai Petrochemical, Onyang Tourist Hotel, Jeonbuk Development Corporation.

Tax Services

Offered management consulting for private university, Performed accounting audit and tax adjustment for Pohang University, Catholic University, Far East University

Offered a number of consulting and tax reconciliation consulting services including K-water internal accounting management system

External Activities

Kyung Hee Cyber University, Daejin University, Seoul Digital University Adjunct Professor

Industry Involvement

Auditor, Korea Food and Drug Administration, Korea Food and Drug Administration (2013 ~ 2015)

  • KCPA
  • Master of business
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