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Grant Thornton Daejoo is one of the Korea's 5 largest accounting firm that provides the best service in audit, accounting, tax and management in general from SMEs to large financial institutions.

Grant Thornton Daejoo is a member firm of Grant Thornton International Ltd.

Began in 1904 in the United Kingdom, Grant Thornton International Ltd.  is a global leading accounting firm with over $5billion in annual revenues, with consistent professional services in more than 50,000 accounting professionals and 740 offices in 135 countries worldwide.

We provide accounting services tailored to global standards.

Grant Thornton Daejoo, an accounting firm registered with the PCAOB (US Accounting Supervisory Commission) and the JFSA (Japan Financial Supervisory Service)  inspect the entire internal system in advance from the audit contract to the training of experts and the operation of the quality control room.

This presents the accounting system guidelines and fundamentally reorganize the accounting disclosure system in order to establish advanced systems and practices that meet the standards in the medium and long term. Grant Thornton Daejoo is doing its best to provide the best service to customers with professional mind and a sense of responsibility without compromising reality in the information age of the 21st century.