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Ethics & compliance

Ethics & compliance


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Grant Thornton Daejoo's Ethics & Compliance Report Center.

In order to create a clean ethical culture and provide the best service as a clean firm, Grant Thornton Daejoo operates the Ethics & Compliance Report Center, an internal and external accusation reception channel.

Report Targets

Independence matters, accounting fraud, information manipulation, bribery, confidentiality, duty, violation ,unfair discrimination, sexual harassment at work and other unethical conduct and inappropriate behavior such as violation of laws and regulations

Take Action

Your complaint will be promptly investigated and there will be appropriate action if it is found to be true. The claimant will receive the results. We will do our best to keep the reporter and the contents of the report confidential. Retaliation against the individual reporter is strictly prohibited. The retaliation will result in sanctions.

We recommend that you use your real name to verify the facts of your complaint and to effectively perform the necessary actions. However, unilateral slurs that are not based on facts and matters not directly related to ethical compliance may not be processed.

How To Report

The Ethics and Compliance Reporting Center of Grant Thornton Daejoo is open 24 hours a year.

     Phone: 02-569-0181
     Fax: 02-569-0367
     Reception: Quality Control Office, 3F, Dongha Building, 2913, Nambusunhwan-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul


If you have any questions about the Ethics & Compliance, please contact the Corporate Quality Control Office.