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Managing partner message

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SeungHo Cho

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We will stand at the center of success with our customers.

Grant Thornton Daejoo has been striving to increase transparency in corporate accounting, strengthen corporate competitiveness, and make capital markets more efficient.

In addition, we have maintained a competitive advantage in domestic and overseas markets with reliable services and pioneering visions that look ahead to others.

The domestic capital market will undergo faster and more diverse changes in the future than many changes that have been through. Therefore, the Korean economy needs to respond appropriately to these changes, and accounting firms are also required to continuously develop themselves for the era of infinite competition.

Grant Thornton Daejoo has adhered to the principle of always growing with customers for the past 30 years until it became the 5th largest accounting firm in Korea, and which is the philosophy of Grant Thornton Daejoo. In addition, the ultimate goal of Grant Thornton Daejoo is to increase the reliability of accounting information and to contribute to the development of the Korean economy. To this end, our major accounting firms, above all else, value the ethics regulations of certified public accountants and pursue transparent ethical management.

Grant Thornton Daejoo, which has always provided the best quality with the right judgment without losing its center in the whirlpool of rapid market changes, is committed to constantly strengthening its status as a large international accounting firm that is expanding into the world like we've been doing so far.

All of our employees at Grant Thornton Daejoo listen to your advice and encouragement, and promise to continue to develop and to be at the center for your success.