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Choonghan Oh

Choonghan Oh

Director (Head of Division 6)

Currently actively involved

  • Non-Executive Auditor, Small & Medium Business Hope Foundation (Foundation)
  • Member, Korea Communications Commission Self-Evaluation Committee
  • External Advisory Committee on Alternative Investment Deliberation by the Police Deduction Society
  • Member of Korea Special Missionary Service Merit Committee
  • Advisory Committee Member, Ministry of Science and Technology Information and Communication
  • Member of Deliberation and Sales Review Board, Ministry of Science and Technology
  • Non-executive auditor of Korea Consumer Union

Past involvements

  • Non-executive director of the National Pension Service (former)
  • Non-standing Public Service Director, Korea Mutual Aid Association (former)
  • Financial Director, Korea Certified Public Accountant (Former)
  • Member, Korea Index Development Council
  • Non-standing Audit of Jisan Gakuen School (Former)
  • Advisory Committee for Consumer Citizenship (Former)
  • KCPA
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